If you have a physical store or restaurant, you can go through the cash register statistics to see which item or dish on the menu sells best. Can transaction data be used to improve customer experience and personalize sales the simple answer is yes. With a consolidated overview of important data and analytics, you can predict what your customers want. You can gain new insights that will help you in the right direction – to better business decisions and happier customers – with the chance of increased revenue.

When a customer pays for a product or service from you, a transaction is created. If the customer chooses card as payment method, the money is deducted from the customer’s account and transferred to yours with the help of a card redeemer. We are largest card issuer and handle the majority of all card transactions. The card transaction itself contains information that you can access and analyze. It is this type of data, along with other information, that you can take advantage of when you want to increase your revenue.

As a merchant, you can log into the merchant portal to access your card transaction data. Under the statistics tab , there is an overview of your sales presented in clear graphs and charts. You can easily filter the view.

Time of day – when of the day/week/month/year are most purchases made? If you have it under control, you can adapt the workforce, marketing and the ability to offer fast, simple and secure payments. With us, you can rent a terminal for a shorter period when you need it, for example during high season.

Amount and currency – where is your customer base, how do they want to pay and what amounts do your customers shop for? Based on the answers, it may be worth reviewing the payment methods you offer and possibly supplementing with more. Cards are the most common payment method, but partial payment and invoice usually suit customers who shop for larger amounts. Swish, on the other hand, is common for lower amounts. Offering different currencies can be interesting if you have online sales or tourists visiting your business.

Payment terminal – do you have a physical store with several payment terminals? What does the distribution of transactions look like between the payment terminals? Do you need to change location or perhaps change the payment terminal from stationary to portable to increase the customer experience? A payment terminal with an attractive design and large display makes it easy for customers to pay.

In addition to data from card transactions, you can use statistics from other tools. If you sell online, it goes without saying that you use google analytics or similar tools to analyze your customers’ behavior and preferences in order to create more effective marketing campaigns and sales strategies. This can increase sales of existing products and attract new customers to buy from you.

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