Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence changes work, professional requirements and studies. It is definitely worth studying the use of artificial intelligence. However, you should think about where you use it and how you express that you have used artificial intelligence. Workplaces and educational institutions need the rules of the game, how and where artificial intelligence is used. Ethical questions are likely to take center stage more and more.

When looking at competence, content and method competence can be distinguished. The increasing use of artificial intelligence emphasizes the importance of methodological expertise.

Artificial intelligence is a good example of the human-machine interface, when a person can produce text with the help of artificial intelligence, for example by asking questions or asking to produce or edit text. The ability to use new technology will become more important in work and studies.

In studies, it is a well-established way of marking the used sources in the text, which makes it clear what is the author’s own and what is borrowed from the sources. Now we also need a list or description of the technical tools that have been used to complete the coursework, such as a thesis. In some places, the methods are as important as the final result achieved, when both must be developed.

Artificial intelligence replaces and replaces humans to perform certain tasks or parts of them.

Chat GPT can write program code for computer applications and programs. Artificial intelligence can search for errors in human coding or translate text from English directly into programming language. Basic programming will be transferred to artificial intelligence or the programmer will include artificial intelligence in programming. Are the next big changes related to the practical utilization of data collected with different devices and techniques? From an economic point of view, the question is always related in some way to what kind of useful value we are able to produce for the customer and what and how much the customer is willing to pay for the products or services.

Artificial intelligence can write simple texts, such as e-mail messages. Writing of a medium level of difficulty is also successful, such as writing advertising materials and bulletins related to personnel management. The same series includes drafting press releases and writing legal opinions. The purchase of advertising space will be automated within five years. The less creativity required to produce text, the more its production will be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence. The use of sources and source criticism are important skills. Along with these, new technologies have come along, with the help of which certain work or study output can be completed.