The entire meeting industry was greatly affected by the corona pandemic, but the need for help in adapting to the new models for meetings when it is possible to meet physically again is great. There is a huge demand for what will become the new normal – the paradoxical that i am talking about. It should combine the best of the physical and the digital and combine fast pace and deep conversations.

After the pandemic, we will of course see more physical meetings again, but also more hybrid meetings, which are both physical and digital at the same time. It is an additional challenge for the meeting leader to have participants physically on site – and digitally. If we want to become good at this form of meeting, we have to practice again, just like with all other communication. The digital meeting reality is here to stay. Be clear about the purpose, structure, and what the participants are expected to contribute already in the invitation to the meeting.

Technology check help all participants get the technology, image and sound. Also advise how they should position the computer for the best experience. Repeat the meeting’s agenda for the participants, explain the layout, how long different stages take and how the chat should be used. Quick check-in, for example, via the app. Make sure that the meeting contains variety and changes of pace. Plan for interactivity and dialogue. Summary and checkout – was it as expected.

Tips for meeting leaders determine the purpose of the meeting is it a decision meeting, information meeting or a discussion meeting. Have a clear detailed driving schedule with planned pace changes and lots of breaks. You get more tired from a digital meeting than a physical one. Feel free to bring something fun and unexpected that will make your meeting stand out. More roles are often needed in digital meetings as a person who takes notes, someone who monitors the chat, and someone who moderates.

Are you also completely exhausted after another working day filled with video meetings. You’re not alone. Since the public health agency started recommending remote work, the number of digital meetings has exploded. And whether it’s a business meeting, a workshop or a seminar, many video conference meetings tend to flow together. But just as a work meeting and a seminar are essentially different in form and layout in the physical world, the differences need to become clearer between different forms of meeting online.