Best Vacation

I’m dreaming of vacations on white sandy beaches, magnificent mountain vistas, 5-star hotels in exotic locations, Cruise ships where I can be pampered, and exotic islands where I can find my own private paradise. I long for a time and place in the world with no cell phones, no email, no beepers, and no traffic. My fantasy carries me away. Maybe I’ll steal my husband from work and visit a romantic location in the Poconos, Niagara Falls, or even Paris! Maybe I’ll take my kids on their dream vacation and visit Disneyland or Disneyworld or any of the Six Flags amusement parks. Sometimes I dream of more adventurous vacations, perhaps a river rafting trip down the Colorado River in the United States or exploring on an African safari.

One of my favorite best vacation fantasies is living on a houseboat, perhaps on Lake Powell or somewhere else, just days and days of enjoying the beaches and natural beauty, lying in the sun, waterskiing, and playing in that wonderful warm water. The houseboat fantasy then turns to visions of Caribbean Cruises, visiting exotic islands, and scuba diving and snorkeling. In the wintertime, I daydream of snow skiing in the Alps or even getting away from the snow to sunny Mexico or Hawaii. Do you dream of the same things? You have come to the right place to find your place in the sun.

Is it possible to slip away to another world, maybe fly to Ireland, travel to the Grand Cayman Islands, or cruise to Alaska? My vacation fantasies have no end. Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and South America, have all been in my fantasies at one time or another. The world is such an incredible place there are millions of places I can travel to.

Do you have fantasies of vacations? Where does your vacation fantasy take you? Come away with me, we’ll make our fantasies a reality. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring all of your loved ones. This site is here to help you make your vacation fantasies your vacation realities. You will find information on every kind of vacation. If you are looking for resorts, cruises, hotels, beaches, or islands anywhere on this beautiful earth, we have compiled this information to help you plan your travel so your fantasy can come true.

Vacations are the times of our lives. These are the times we fondly remember with photos, commemorate in scrapbooks, and talk about and remember for the rest of our years. Turn your vacation fantasy into the time of your life! You can start here.

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