If you or your loved one (over 18 years old) are prevented from doing business with services yourself due to illness or some other reason, give a power of attorney to do business on your behalf. Make sure that you receive information about the results of the procedures performed on you. Always tell us about the prescription and over-the-counter medicines you use. Make sure the doctors and nurses treating you know about your drug allergies and previous drug reactions. Ask what new medicines you have been prescribed and why.

Familiarize yourself with the instructions regarding the medical treatment and other treatment you have received. Let me know if you have doubts or worries about something in your treatment. Report if you are or suspect you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. Notify the staff immediately if you experience or suspect an error in your treatment. Take care of hand hygiene. Also make sure that your guests wash and disinfect their hands according to the instructions. Follow the regional face mask recommendation and the unit’s visiting instructions.

Dangerous event

a dangerous event means an event that endangers the patient’s safety and causes or may cause harm. Dangerous events can be near-miss situations, when a dangerous situation for the customer is noticed in time and the customer does not have time to suffer any harm. An adverse event is when the customer suffers harm that is not part of the treatment.

The patient is at the center of the treatment process and sees the different situations best from the beginning to the end of the process. If you find that a dangerous incident has occurred during your treatment, you can file a dangerous incident report . You can report anonymously, but if you want a response to your report, include your contact information. Dangerous event notifications are reviewed with the unit concerned and reacted to.

When you notice a dangerous incident, you can also discuss the matter with the nursing staff. This should also be done if the matter requires immediate repair. For example, if you suspect that the medicines you have received are not correct, inform the medical staff immediately. Reporting incidents helps us to improve our operations and habits so that new similar incidents can be avoided.

In social and health service counseling, we tell you about the services offered and how to navigate them, as well as the possibilities of the private and third sector in the area to help and offer support. The service also provides advice and guidance related to social security.