Multi Platform Audience

No one could have predicted the momentous rise of multi-platform over the past year. You’ve probably seen their funny articles all over your social media feeds, notable for their enticing headlines, but they are also branching into more serious news media. In the year gone by, the audience has tripled its multi-platform audience to 71.3 million visitors. That’s an incredible growth rate especially when you consider that it had already amassed more than 20 million visitors in the previous year.

Mobile access

But what’s the secret behind the rise of news? Basically, it’s social platforms like Facebook which drive huge volumes of traffic. You’re not the only one who falls for those curious headlines with words like “unmissable” and “you won’t believe”. A huge amount of click-through activity is generated through online and mobile access.

It’s mobile where the greatest success has occurred. The reason for the huge increase in mobile access is due to the high pick up of Facebook mobile apps and the rapid increase in mobile internet use in general. of all internet users on portable devices is on Facebook.

Market perceptions

Far fewer users access marketing through the app than you’d think, instead, they access it through links on social media pages. this goes against market perceptions and trends which other business models are following. This is a different story from the 84%/16% app/mobile web split that occurs across the web overall.

Conversion strategy

Those users that do use our apps are more frequent and involved users, who spend about 24x more time on them than other mobile users do. So the app is still worth investing in for a business. There are two conversions in their model; the first is social media to mobile web access of our gaming site, and the second is to become an app user. App users spend more time investigating content and can also have content pushed at them. This means that even with huge volumes of traffic entering the site, there is still room and opportunity for growth through the second conversion. These two conversion strategy is worth looking at in more detail. If you run a web-based media site, then an equivalent model might yield similar results. The double conversion also adds extra opportunities for monetization strategies too.

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