The relatives in the village were going for sushi, and i threw in the idea that we could join the company. Children in the car to sleep and the phone as a baby monitor. Except that you can park your car right next to the patio of one of the mall’s sushi places. The time is suitable for children’s naps, so the plan could work! The children in the car, and the roar was soon heard. To the park, quickly through the cash register to the buffet and patio. We had time to eat a couple of plates of table food at a reasonably civilized pace, when the sounds of waking up came from the speaker. Children from the car to highchairs, and in front of them spring rolls, pieces of chicken, fruit salad and impermissible large portions.

The hope for a more spontaneous life of the degree was awakened.

A couple of close ones as helping hands. Everyone could continue eating. With various helping hands and nerves, we have also gone on hikes in rapids and relatives on the other side, and spent a little bit more relaxed times at home. There was a feeling of triumph. After all, we can have fun elsewhere than in the park and grandma’s house without completely unreasonable efforts. Hope arose for a more spontaneous life now and in the future. Happiness is an open mind and other adults.

New beginnings

It has now been a month and a half in the new home. Almost from the beginning it has felt like home. As if we’ve always lived here. There would be a lot to do, but you have to remember not to do too much. Children’s mood is a clear measure of whether we consider them in the right proportion compared to yard and indoor work.

How many times do you have time to start over in one day? Very often, i have thought with the children. Before them, i more easily named the day good or bad by even a small coincidence and then lived in that illusion for the rest of the day. Now the course and emotional state have time to change a hundred times a day, and new beginnings have to be made. Must. So much shouting and good things can fit into every day. Time and time again, i am surprised by how much my own decision can affect the quality of the day.

Of course, there are those who say that even willpower is not enough. When there is sea salt on the baking sheet, the central vacuum cleaner’s door is torn off and one of the children is on his way somewhere on a scooter by the mailboxes.