Cyber Slacking Cost

One of the Biggest Dangers and IT cost to a Business’s Operations is its EMPLOYEES. 

Yes, you read it right; your biggest threat is your employee’s freedom to roam the internet, sent and receive personal emails visit social networks and the ability to install programs and play solitaire on your “Windows Based Point of Sale System”.

It’s a fact, if your windows based systems have not been locked down to limit internet to only corporate approved sites and emails; your company is going to keep losing money via the cost of IT service calls and hardware failures.

Its estimated that employees all over the world are spending up to a fifth of their working hours daily Cyber slacking, on the internet. So what are they doing, their playing on-line games, updating facebook, looking at porn sites, looking for another job. The list is endless as is the internet.

But wait it gets better, not only are they costing you money because of lost productivity, they're also loading your “Point of Sale System” with Spyware, Malware, Viruses, Spam & Trojan programs. 

In the retail business world, one of the most important factors for a retail store is location, location, location. In the IT Point of Sale world the most important factor is stability, which can only be implemented with good standardization practices.

Standardization helps keeps a company’s IT infrastructure healthy and it keeps your employees focused on the job at hand. With standardization your Point of Sale System is locked down to only allow corporate approved web sites to be visited.

It’s locked down to not allow the installation of non-corporate approved applications. It’s built to promote Business not leisure.

The fact is of the 1000’s of support calls I’ve handled; 80% of them could have been prevented.

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