Platinum Plan (Weekly) Maintenance

Premium Plan: (Services are Preformed Each Week$29.95 Monthly Per PC . Low Cost High Performance Insurance for your RTO Store's "Point of Sales System"

Our Premium Maintenance Plan is highly recommended for any RTO Store that does 2000 or more Point of Sales System transactions per month.

What's covered weekly?

Remote inspections of System Hardware :( a Proactive Support Maintenance approach in a attempt to identify hardware failures before they happen.)

Installation & Verification for Virus Suite software Dat files: (without these updates, your virus software is worthless!!) 

Full Virus Scan & Removal.
Spam Scan & Removal.
Spyware Scan & Removal.
Trojan Scan & Removal.

Install Windows Security patch updates. (when available)
Install Windows Service pack updates. (when available)
Install Microsoft Office Service Packs. (when available)

Removal of Internet Browser: (Temporary files history, cookies, Auto complete form history, and index.dat.)

Clean Windows: (Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.)

Full Defragmentation of Hard Drives: (Check disk will be run on drives if needed.)