Regular home care is mainly intended for elderly people who need regular nursing, care and medical assistance to support their survival at home. Home care helps with matters related to personal care, medical treatment and care, as well as survival at home. The service is implemented in accordance with the individual care and service plan as home visits or a combination of home visits and remote service. Drug treatment and health status monitoring are part of the service for regular home care customers. The service is implemented in cooperation with the doctor. The home care service includes home care according to the social care act and home medical care according to the health care act.

You can get support from the assessment and rehabilitation service when your ability to cope with everyday life has weakened and you are unable to do business in open services. The temporary home care service is intended for the short-term need for care when the customer is unable to apply for health care services by himself or with the help of an escort. The help of temporary home care can then be obtained for medical needs, such as wound care, injection treatments or other similar repeated treatment procedures.

To apply for home care services, you can contact customer guidance for the elderly. Customer guidance will find out together with you and your loved ones your situation and the need for support. If there is a need for a regular home care service, you will be referred to the service for a period of evaluation and rehabilitation. You will receive a decision on granting regular home care during the assessment period.

Upon discharge from a hospital or other care facility, home care services are started at the request of the discharging entity. To whom and under what conditions regular home care can be granted if impaired memory or significant deficits in physical or mental functioning affect your daily performance, maintaining your health or treating illnesses.

The granting of a regular home care service is always preceded by a periodic assessment and rehabilitation period. During that time, the treatment and rehabilitation staff, together with you and, if necessary, your relatives, evaluate your situation comprehensively and actively support the strengthening of your ability to function and your resources. After the evaluation period, the regular home care service can start if the necessary support cannot be arranged in another way, for example with the help of various support services.