Smart homes contain connected products. It can be white goods, interior design, electronics or why not lighting. But what exactly is a smart home and what do you get out of connecting your gadgets. What does the smart home mean for our society and our way of life. Smart gadgets are equipped with built-in electronics and an IP address. In short, an IP address (or IP number) is a unique address that allows the fridge, bed or coffee maker to communicate with the internet. Without the IP address, the information would not find its way. Many devices are also connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile phone networks.

First of all – what is a smart home and how does it work

The internet of things, or iot , is a collective term for the development which involves equipping machines, goods, household appliances and clothing (even people and animals) with sensors and computers that allow them to talk to the internet. Iot gadgets perceive and can communicate with their surroundings. Smart speakers that tell you what the weather will be like and how to brave the rush hour traffic. Connected led lighting that turns off and on automatically depending on whether you are in the room. Did i black out in the kitchen! Did i turn off the stove, no more problems.

You can easily control both lighting and white goods from your mobile phone. With the help of smart locks, you can open the door for deliveries and keep track of whether the children are at home even when you are not there. There are beds that help you sleep and also turn on the coffee maker so that your morning coffee is ready when you wake up.

What’s smart about this then

Smart homes should simplify your everyday life in various ways. But it is really only when the technology creates real value and a benefit that it becomes really smart. Voice-controlled lighting or speakers that read out the weather forecast are not enough. A smart home, really smart, adds more than convenience and fun features. Really smart is the stereo that starts playing if you’re not at home and someone sneaks around the grounds. It can be automated heating or other energy-saving measures that mean you never spend more money or energy than you need.

Why is smart technology important

There are many advantages to iot and the smart development. Iot and smart technology is about making our lives easier, safer, more environmentally friendly and also generating financial benefits. Used correctly, the internet of things, smart gadgets and infrastructure have all the potential to help us build a more sustainable society. Examples are entire properties or why not blocks that optimize energy by automatically adapting lighting, heating and cooling as needed. Smart technology means both cost savings and less environmental impact on a private, local, national and international level. Smarter homes mean a smarter world.