Stomach Rumbles and Hurts

One day you have a hard stomach, the next it’s loose. The stomach hurts and it is difficult to find the reason why it is upset. Endometriosis are two diseases that cause similar pain symptoms and problems with the stomach. Sometimes so difficult that they affect a large part of life. Stands for irritable bowel syndrome, easily digestible or hypersensitive bowel, and is a common disease. Functional disorder in which the digestive system looks normal but still does not work properly. The researchers believe, among other things, that it is a matter of the sensitivity of the gut changing, that there may be hereditary factors or that the brain and gut do not communicate very well.

Unfortunately, there are no clear substances in the blood, so-called blood markers, that show whether. In healthcare, we therefore investigate very broadly and rule out, among other things, inflammatory bowel disease, gluten and lactose intolerance and all organic diseases. Sometimes we still don’t know what is causing the stomach problems, senior physician hospital and professor of internal medicine, who researches intestinal diseases.

In research studies has discovered that is a heterogeneous disease and that there are often many different diseases that hide behind the disease state. Among other things, she has investigated what causes endometriosis patients’ stomach and intestinal pain, with the aim of being able to distinguish these from the large group. She is also looking for new methods to examine the patients – for example antibodies, genetic markers and better examinations of intestinal motility.

Changed lifestyle can improve

Many get better just by changing their diet, eating regularly and increasing their physical activity. become a sort of catch-all diagnosis for stomach pains for which healthcare cannot find the cause, and believes that if the patient gets better with lifestyle changes, there is no reason to continue searching for disease mechanisms.

More difficult to diagnose endometriosis

Endometriosis has some similar symptoms to those of more difficult to diagnose. Sometimes the disease is mistaken for regular menstrual cramps, and there are those who have both diseases. Endometriosis is a chronic and inflammatory disease that affects one in ten women of childbearing age and it is most common in younger women.

The disease is caused by the lining of the uterus ending up outside the uterus. Endometriosis cells begin to grow and cause inflammation inside the abdomen, which in turn can lead to abdominal pain, scar tissue. Over time, the endometriosis cells are encapsulated by the body’s defense mechanisms and endometriosis, or cysts, form. During menstruation, the lining bleeds where it sits and creates pain, and usually treatment is needed for the pain to be alleviated or go away. Pain must always be taken seriously and must not be normal, continuously having a stomach ache affects the quality of life. When young girls complain of abdominal pain and we cannot find the cause, we also have to rule out endometriosis.