Symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression

Depression is not a disease but a detrimental state of mind that can literally ruin one’s life. The symptoms of depression may not be conspicuous but it is feasible to recognize this mental condition if you are a good observer. These are some of the symptoms of depression.

Invariably in a sad mood

A person suffering from depression will always be in a bad mood. They may find it impossible to lighten up their mood even if they want to. They always look gloomy and focus their attention on the negatives of a particular thing rather than the positives, they can also divert their mind playing casino games at best real money casinos. They may be unable to laugh wholeheartedly at good jokes. They may cheer up momentarily but cannot stick to that emotion for long.

Prefers to be alone and silent

A depressed person often prefers to be alone and avoid interactions with others. They feel like fish out of water in a group. They tend to stay at home as much as they can. If they are school students or working people, they isolate themselves in the corner and do their best not to bring attention to themselves. They may stop talking to others including their friends. Even if someone tries to have a chat with them, they may shun them and may even refuse to reply to them.

Becomes oversensitive

There is a high chance that a depressed man turns a bit oversensitive. They get uncontrollably angry at trivial things. Depression may dispose them to cry at anything and everything. They may find it hard to control their emotions. This condition is often misunderstood as a mental disorder, which makes it worse for the depression patients

Always contemplating death

In the t advanced stage, they become so pessimistic in their attitude toward life that they begin to regard death as their ultimate solution. Therefore, they begin to think about committing suicide. They believe that they can escape from all their problems by killing themselves. However, sometimes, they unknowingly give hints about their obsession with suicide. For instance, they may try to justify a person who has committed suicide and claim that they were not wrong in doing so. If someone is repeatedly talking about suicide, then you should not ignore it and should take it seriously.

Health issues and poor appetite

Your body works well only if you have a fresh mind. It is quite natural to lose your appetite when you are disturbed and sad. Usually, you get back to normal within a few days. But, if this tendency lasts longer than normal, then it could be a possible indication that you might be suffering from depression. The depressed person is unlikely to have any desire for food. They will skip even their favorite food item. Eventually, it will start taking a toll on the body and it will lead to various serious health issues. The casino games are a good thing for them to divert their mind.

Headache, vomiting, and fever

Due to the lack of proper food and sleep, depressed patients may have to deal with lingering headaches, vomiting, and fever. When your mind is perturbed, you may not be able to get good sleep because your mind is full of thoughts. Your brain and the other parts need proper rest. An overworked body means a weak body. If you do not get the required amount of sleep and rest, it will probably result in unbearable headaches, vomiting, and fever.