There are things you can do to feel better and strengthen your mental health. In order to feel good, it is important to do things that you enjoy, that make you happy and that give you a good feeling. Maybe it’s being with friends, taking a walk, listening to music, watching a movie, having a coffee or playing boules or something else. Here are some tips that can strengthen your mental health and make you feel better. Choose something that suits you right now. And remember that change can take time.

Try to talk to someone about how you feel. Putting your feelings into words can help you understand yourself, and often feel better afterwards. Everyone feels bad sometimes and what causes it and how it manifests is different, but remember you are not alone. There is help to be had. Putting your feelings into words can help you understand yourself and get support when you need it. Being able to talk to someone you trust and tell them how you feel can make it easier to bear heavy thoughts and feelings.

Talking about how you feel can be difficult. Just like anything else, it gets easier with practice. The same applies to the listener – you may need to practice to become a good listener. Talk to someone you trust. It could be a family member or friend. Sometimes it is a better fit with someone who works in mental health. Find a time when you are both calm and have time to talk. The sooner you address things that rub, the easier it usually feels. If you find it difficult to put your feelings into words, it may help to write them down first. You can also try other forms of creative expression, such as poetry or painting.

You can make it easier for others to support you by saying what you need. People may want to help but not know how. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, then you can say it. Ask how others are doing and listen to the answer. It can create a more open climate where more people dare to tell how they think and feel. Trust is often something that is built up over time, when you take turns showing yourself vulnerable to each other. If you can, try to build several trusting relationships.

Everyone feels bad sometimes, it’s a natural part of life. Feeling depressed, anxious or stressed for a period is also nothing dangerous. Usually you feel better after a while. But if the bad feeling does not go away, you may need to seek support or help. Life goes up and down. Having realistic expectations of life and understanding what are normal ups and downs can make it easier to deal with various challenges and difficulties. But it is also important to know when you might need to seek help.