Trading companies can also be an option for two or more people who want to start their own business together. Here, no share capital is required, but at least one of the owners will be held responsible for the company’s debts (which is not the case with limited companies, where the company is its own legal entity).

This is what the process looks like for those who want to start a trading company:

  • The partners enter into an agreement. In the agreement – which can be written or oral – it appears that they will jointly run the business.
  • The company is notified. The registration takes place and in connection with this step the company name is protected in the county in which the registration takes place.
  • The company is registered by the Companies Registration Office. If the notification looks good, the Companies Registration Office will register the business, which takes between one and two weeks.
  • Certificate of registration and organization number. The Companies Registration Office issues a registration certificate and an organization number. Then the business can start.


A good network is important for all entrepreneurs. By joining a business network and making new contacts, you can create better conditions for your business. You also become part of a community while you get the opportunity to make your company visible.

A good way to network is to start working in a so-called co-working space (or office hotel). Here, growth companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees share the same office space, which increases the chances of making valuable contacts. The office hotels also usually organize networking meetings, breakfasts, seminars and mingling, which can benefit your networking.

Here are Stockholm’s best office hotels

As a beginner in self-employment, it can also be good to find a mentor who has gone through the same journey as you. Starting your own business can often feel quite lonely, especially if you don’t get support from those around you. A mentor can give you valuable advice and motivate you to continue the journey, even when it feels tough.

Review the financing

However, if you want to develop a new product and sell it in a web shop, this will of course cost more. It always costs money to start a business, but how high the costs are depends on the business. For example, if you want to engage in affiliate marketing – that is, promoting other companies products or services – you basically only need a domain and a web host.