Classic Slots vs Video Slots Online

Classic Slots vs Video Slots Online

Successful slots

Many online casinos make a distinction in their game selection between classic slots and video slots. It is easy to wonder what the difference between these is and if one is a better choice than the other. There are so many factors that will influence what slot machine you choose to play on. Understanding the definitions can be a good way to make the very best choice for successful slots gaming!

Video Slots Explained

Traditionally the video slot has been viewed as the successor to the original classic slot with 3 reels. It was called a video slot because it came in video format with a screen that gave the game many more possibilities. In this format, players could enjoy features like bonus games and extras. Perhaps more importantly, the video slot had 5 reels which made the games much more exciting with numerous winning combinations and chances for much larger jackpots. It also increased the ways the winning lines could stretch across the reels.

Classic Slots and Video Slots Online

It does seem a bit silly to refer to a slot online as a video slot and still, this is the common praxis in most online casinos. There is no video screen and slots online have all of the opportunities in the world for the layout of reels and combinations of symbols for winnings. The name video slot has simply remained from the good old land-based casino days. When you see a list of video slots in an online casino it means that they will have 5 reels and most likely bonus games and extra spins.

Winning Combinations

In slots, the excitement lies in the winning combinations. On a regular slot machine with three reels, the amount of winnings combos is obviously limited. Players still love this original shape of the slot a lot and online it can also include some of the features that are characteristic of the video slot. Today it can be enough with one symbol matched up with another to trigger special prizes like big jackpots. It is all up to the slot producers to decide what should give the player the big win.

The best Slot to play

When you come to a casino to play slots you want to make sure to play on the best slots. The question is if you should head for the video slots or those that are simply labeled as slots. The answer to this question is that you will have equal chances on all of them.

Differences between casinos

The choice you make is more about what themes and sizes of jackpots you like. Therefore you must not concentrate on video slots or slots but rather on what is baked into the actual game. Read reviews of slot games and search out the individual machines no matter under what title they are listed!

Classic slots and video slots are not all that different and it is more important to know just what slot machine you are after when you look to play slots in a new casino.

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