This is where having a clear marketing strategy for what you do is so important. Where the picture is clear in what you want to achieve. Because then there is the answer to the question “what is the next step?” already done. For my example above, i analyzed the traffic to the website via google analytics. I saw a clear trend for the particular post about hallux valgus. What was it that attracted the crowd in; what were they looking for? I saw that via google search console.

Based on this data, i developed and deepened my post, which made it gain even more momentum! This included that i also worked on my skills in search engine optimization, seo marketing to have an even greater effect on search. Now i don’t want them to just read the post and then leave. What kind of marketer am i if i don’t lead them to the next step? So i connected it to their funnel; which was entered into their mailing list via a lead magnet. If you use email marketing, you can also measure how many of your visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

A few months after the publication of the post, i analyze the data. The blog post ranks for some keywords and the page gets some visitors, but i could do better. A lot of the keywords didn’t rank on page 1 of google of course, but they still got a lot of exposure. Some specific keywords were about having surgery on one’s big toe, but in my post i had only briefly answered this particular point. With the keyword data fresh in my mind, i went in with more qualitative research and turned it into a more comprehensive piece.

The post quickly took off after this addition and became the most read post on the entire website. Thanks to the data, i understood better what it was that people were looking for. They wanted information about what hallux valgus is, but they were also looking for solutions. This is what you can do when you get a handle on your digital marketing, and connect it to a marketing strategy that contains the big picture of what you want to achieve. The companies i visit have rarely reached the first step of creating content that is relevant to their target audience.

Then in your email program also analyze results for how well your mailings via email go, how many people read and how many click on. This information is hard to beat when you have established your processes and learned the tools you need to analyze your entire funnel to be able to optimize it over time.