Everything new always starts in autumn, like school and hobbies. An awful lot of new series start on TV and i always get really bad travel fever. When making travel plans for the fall, i’m always at my wits’ end. We already have a lot of plans for this fall, and it’s wonderful! I love the feeling when a new trip is booked and you can wait for it in peace. Our 6-year-old turns 7 next month and he is probably the biggest princess fan in the world. When i found out that next month line has a cruise with a princess theme, of course i had to book a cabin there for us right away!

The child is already excitedly waiting for the cruise and is planning hard what to wear. We don’t have a tiara, so we have to get one before the cruise. Or we go and buy it at the wonderful little store in Stockholm’s royal palace, where you can shop without visiting the royal palace’s museums. We are going on a princess cruise together, and i plan to pamper the child with all princess-like things throughout the trip. From the beginning of the trip, the child seems to be waiting the most for picnic’s cheese baguette, which i have promised to buy on the way.

It’s wonderful to be able to go to Stockholm again. I fall in love with Stockholm and its atmosphere more and more with every trip. Because there is no time to celebrate the wedding day in any way, since i myself was working at the time. We have now booked a trip to Helsinki for the beginning of October. Fortunately, the children have grandparents who help and we get to spend time together.

We’re going by train because we wanted to travel in peace and not have to think about parking the car. We booked right in the center and we’re going to see the little mermaid musical at the Helsinki city theater. We were going to see it the last time there were shows, but the corona restrictions messed up the plans and luckily now we finally get to see it. I’ve heard so many good things about this product that you can’t miss it.

At least i dream of good food, a decent night’s sleep and visiting a couple of flea markets. Otherwise, we don’t have very many plans. Except for the fact that we take the first-born, who lives in Helsinki, somewhere to eat. I also dream of going to the Christmas market in either Stockholm or Tallinn this year. Since the first-born now lives in Helsinki, going to Tallinn’s Christmas market could be done on a day trip from him. This has been on my mind for a few weeks now, but let’s see how i can manage from work. We are also dreaming of a trip to the i love me fair with a friend, but even that trip is still a bit open, because there is no information about work shifts until then.