Is It Harmful to Enjoy Coffee in the Heat

In the heat, you can also enjoy hot drinks such as tea and coffee every day. Coffee and tea contain caffeine and are drunk, among other things, for their stimulating effect. Neither drink contains energy unless it is added to the finished drink in the form of honey, sugar, milk or cream. Thus, coffee and tea can be considered perfectly good sources of liquid. However, side effects can occur if you consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine (about 3–5 cups of coffee) per day. This can cause, for example, difficulty falling asleep, restlessness, nausea and palpitations. Especially in the heat, it’s good to remember that drinks containing caffeine remove fluid from the body. In addition, it is good to also enjoy, for example, water.

I do a lot of sports in the summer, when i sweat more. What should i drink, and how do i make sure i’m hydrated enough.

Sports increase fluid loss through sweating by approximately 0.5–2 liters per hour of exercise. The amount of fluid loss is influenced by, among other things, the strain of exercise, the humidity and temperature of the surrounding air. In cold and cool conditions, sweating is significantly less than in warm or hot conditions. You can make up for the loss by drinking more than usual during the day. If the sports performance lasts more than 60 minutes, you should also drink during the performance. Water is the most recommended choice for light, long-lasting and steady-paced exercise. In demanding and long-lasting sports, you can choose a sports drink.

The fluid balance of the body and the adequacy of drinking can be monitored, for example, by observing the color of urine. A pale yellow urine color indicates that the fluid balance is in order, while dark urine and a reduced need to urinate indicate dehydration. I make my own sparkling water, is it a good thirst quencher? Is it better to drink something carbonated or is water sufficient? I also worry that i drink too much water. Carbonated water is water in which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved under pressure. This has no effect on the liquid properties of the drink. If homemade sparkling water tastes better than tap water, you should probably drink more of it. For those with a sensitive stomach, acidified water can cause stomach symptoms, such as bloating or heartburn.

The need for liquid is individual. It is influenced by, among other things, the temperature of the environment, age and daily activity. For adults, the daily fluid requirement is about 2–3 liters, part of which is obtained with food. You should drink about 1–1.5 liters of water and other drinks every day. Drinking more fluid than this rarely has any health benefits. Most of the time, the need for liquid is satisfied when drinking is driven by thirst. Water is the best thirst-quenching drink to satisfy the need for fluids and quench thirst. If you drink more water than you need, your fluid balance may be disturbed. The most common disadvantage in this case is the increased need to go to the toilet.