Oversize style for short people is usually not recommended, especially if you have a shapely body type. I have always liked to dress myself in big clothes, since i was a young adult. Of course, i haven’t always done that, but even then i found that other style, with tight denim shorts, tank tops and little tops.

What is the reason why an oversize style is not recommended for a short and shapely person? For the simple reason that it then looks even shorter and wider. So you should always try to bring out those good aspects in some way. I myself am 158 cm tall and have an hourglass figure. The dimensions are big in this hour glass and there is enough space for your needs and maybe a little more. Short back and long legs. So i’m not the best possible type to wear these oversize outfits. But i still use them because that’s how i like them.

Regardless of everything, i try to bring out at least a little bit of the body model, either by showing off my long legs or to bring out the waist somehow. So in this outfit i somehow had to create more of a waist without a belt. So i buttoned up the button of the shirt and that way i got a little texture on the shirt and around the waist. A vest would do the same here, or a slip over. However, the weather prevented a bigger explosion, so this was it.

I use juopo buttons a lot with cardigans, less often with other things. But it also works great with these oversize shirts. You get funny-looking outfits when you button up your clothes in a different way. In my outfit, i chose a tricot skirt as the bottom part, which i sewed years ago without a pattern. There is also an instruction for this skirt. Easy and quick to implement. Link to instructions below.

Cycling shorts, leggings or leather pants really go well with this shirt. With them, you could bring out more of your own body model, but i wanted more of that oversize style, so i continued the shirt with a skirt. For my feet, i chose sandals with a thick sole and i got a properly over-sized style for the whole outfit. There was also a large bag, which is not visible at all in these pictures. And since i was going to work, i put my hair in a high bun, which i always have at work.

Fall is coming fast and i have a few new things about my fall outfit that i will present at some point. I still have all kinds of summer stuff for you, but it might be that you won’t go there until next year. The box project team would also have a few wonderful things ready, but it’s so hard to go out there and photograph them at this time. Maybe here at home i could get a few photographed.

My hands are a little itchy already to be able to present those wonderful things to you. During the summer, i have bought some autumn clothes from flea markets and i have made a few things. So even though i’m a summer person and i’m sad that summer is over, i’m really looking forward to the time when i can wear everything lovely autumn and warm.