When the lobby opens in the spring will get a completely new retail concept. Here established an ecosystem with carefully selected partners to create a platform where the store experiences of the future will be explored. Rather, it is an innovative platform for future trade and store experiences where we are now introducing flexible and short contracts for the tenants. It is a development project and thus an ongoing process. In terms of experience, it is up to consumers to say what it is. Is it perhaps a showroom or concept house. Our metaphor is a lifestyle magazine that changes content every month.

The background is quite simple, notes new technology has contributed to our consumption patterns changing radically in the last decade. Technology is developing at a rapid pace, which means that consumption behaviors are constantly changing. At the same time, the line between e-commerce and physical stores is blurring. Then physical stores cannot look like they have always done, but it is necessary to think anew – and to be prepared to keep up with consumer changes, business development manager.

Short contracts

More concretely, it concerns a square meter premises, where all types of traders will be able to rent ready-made packages with a small shop area, staff and furnishings. The surface ranges between 2 and 20 square meters and there should be no traditional long-term contracts, but you can choose to rent for as short a period as one month. The flexibility this means for the tenants attracts many different types of actors, we are already noticing that. Large retail chains can test a new concept here before scaling it up in their stores.

International players are given a chance to test a new market and small traders who often cannot afford to establish themselves in the city benefit from not having to tie up resources in long contracts. In addition, there will be e-retailers who use the lobby as an exposure area for parts of their range, pure sales or handling of goods. But above all, it is about marketing yourself and your brand in a new way and also driving traffic online in a physical environment.

Acquired ecosystem partner

Here, for example, we want to give them an opportunity to test new technology for a period in order to be able to evaluate and see if it is worth taking it further in other parts of their business. Creating that type of showroom is not something can do on its own, so they have therefore been actively looking for companies with suitable skills or technology that can complement them. It has become an ecosystem with both large companies and small start-up companies with cutting-edge expertise that all want to drive trade forward. It is a new way of working, where together we can drive issues and development within tomorrow’s trade and at the same time contribute to the development of traders.

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