Develop a digitization strategy to meet the challenges in your company’s industry. The Agency for Growth can provide financial support for it. Do not use the company as pension insurance. Make sure to secure your finances with security solutions that are not dependent on the company’s future value. Many IT managers are held responsible for IT investments that are beyond their control. This is according to a survey commissioned by the software company Snow Software.

The survey shows that the change in the procurement and consumption patterns of IT creates a gap between the business and IT. 24 percent of respondents state that at least half of their organizations’ IT spending is driven by the business, rather than the IT department. In addition, 19 percent say that an increasingly large portion of IT spending is about to end up beyond the IT department’s control.

The survey results reveal the extent of the challenges IT managers face as the business increasingly takes over the IT budget. Among who are responsible for purchasing IT security, seven out of ten state that they are worried about a lack of competence in this area at companies. This is according to a new global survey conducted by the security technology company.

The survey also reveals that 24 percent of believe that their budget does not have room for infrastructure expansion and 64 percent state that their company has been exposed to an advanced attack or malware outbreak. At the same time, half of the global respondents admit that their company had some form of breach in the past year – a sixth of these state that they do not know how the breach occurred. A quarter of global respondents expect problems to continue, and believe their companies are likely to be exposed to future security breaches without even knowing they are happening.

Additionally, 69 percent of global respondents said they believe their IT teams are not strong enough to protect against cyber security breaches. It is not always so easy to create a garden that is both beautiful and alive, while at the same time it should be easy to maintain and not take up too much time from one’s everyday life. Above all, you might want it to be nice even in winter, when everything tends to look both old and a little grey.